Stress for Less

Education is one of the most important aspects of life because it can change and impact one’s future. Students try their best to succeed in school by doing homework while also balancing their social life. Homework takes up a majority of a student’s life even after having long class hours. Also, many students are involved in sports, clubs, family events, and even have jobs.

By trying to complete all of these tasks, it comes with a lot of work, responsibility, and stress. With all of these tasks, students do not have time for any relaxation and free time. As students have more work to do, they lose their motivation for school because they can think that they cannot achieve their accomplishments, and this can lead to dropouts. Also, students can get depressed if they have too much on their minds stressing about many different factors including school, family, and friends. Finally, many students do not get enough sleep because they are staying up late trying to finish homework. A lack of sleep does not help the student focus and attain information the next morning and can also cause many health problems.

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Many students have trouble balancing their heavy homework load because it can affect their motivation, mood, and amount of sleep. By having less homework, students should be able to have a good balance of their education and social life without overworking themselves. Students should learn everything they need to know for tests in school including additional practice and projects. A solution to finishing homework and practice is by implementing Independent Study in all schools. By doing so, students have the opportunity to see their teachers for additional help on assignments and have time to finish homework while at school. In addition, students should only need to review and not have loads of assignments at home.

Additional practice at home should be optional because the student should decide whether or not they need to work on that skill. Students who already know the information do not benefit from more practice because they already know it and their valuable time can be used for other activities. Also, projects and assignments do not benefit the student as much as studying and comprehending the information. Therefore, all teachers and school administrators should implement Independent Study as part of their school routine and assign students less homework and assign most of it as classwork. Schools should implement the Independent Study program in all schools and should give also students less homework because it can result in motivation, less depression, and more sleep.

Independent Study gives students the opportunity to finish their homework at school and have time for other activities after school. If students have less homework, they are focused on fewer assignments and tend to do better because the amount load is not as overwhelming as it was. This motivation can also lead to a positive mindset, and then students can aim to achieve whatever they desire. Additionally, less homework results in less depression because students are not as stressed when having less homework. They can also have more time for other activities such as clubs and sports, which are also important for their futures and act as distressors.

Finally, students can get more sleep because they do not need to stay up late trying to finish their homework. The next morning, when they have an adequate amount of sleep, students can focus on learning and attaining more information in school. If students were given more homework, they would stay up late, resulting in an unfocused tired mind that can eventually lead to bad grades. Although education is an important priority, all schools should implement the Independent Study program and students should receive less homework so they are not overstressed and can focus on other things while trying to build their future.