Students Shoould Wear School Uniforms

“I hate wearing school uniforms!” This statement is commonly heard among students in schools requiring a uniform for attendance. These students do not realize there will be a more positive outcome for them academically. “‘You might hate your school uniform, but I think it’s there for a good reason,’ says fifteen-year-old Chloe Spencer” (Spencer). Some people believe students wearing everyday clothes in school perform just as well as those who wear uniforms; we must inform the public that academic performance actually increases on standardized tests and students behave in a more professional manner therefore being more successful academically.

Wearing school uniforms positively affects standardized test percentages. Wearing school uniforms is best because the students who wear uniforms have higher SAT scores or on any other standardized test. Most of the schools have higher honor roll percentages than schools who wear ever day clothes. Education is more serious meaning that the really want you to worry more about your grades than worrying about the clothes you are wearing. Scholars who must wear uniforms behave in a more professional manner, and also look like they are more into their education.

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Mostly schools who don’t wear uniforms normally have clothes that tend to make people look bad, and might have gang related issues. Most schools who wear uniforms normally tuck in their shirts. Wearing uniforms is a way to show pride (Spencer, theguardian). Wearing school uniforms helps students worry more about their grades than what they are wearing. Although some feel students will be more successful with school when they are wearing their own clothes, students must wear uniforms.

School uniforms will turn out to be helpful because if you ever have a job interview they won’t just see how you speak, they will how nicely dress you are. Academically, when students are wearing their own clothes, students must wear uniforms because academic performance has improved and awareness with social differences has decreased. Although students wearing everyday clothes perform well on standardized test, graduation success is better with school uniforms for two main reasons. First, schools who don’t wear uniforms might have more social differences, than schools who wear school uniforms. But most importantly, schools with uniforms have a higher graduation success percentile than schools who don’t wear their everyday clothes.

The only resolution for schools to have a higher percentage in test scores is to wear school uniforms.