Technology in School Narrative Essay

Is technology actually good for students in the classroom? Some argue no, because other children in the world that have the highest test scores, such as Korea, often don’t use technology in the classroom, according to Putting More Technology In Schools May Not Make Kids Smarter: OECD Report by Rebecca Klein. However, more often than not, people agree technology is overall good in education. It better prepares students for the future, since technology is already playing a huge role in our lives, and makes children more motivated to learn because resources are easier to access. Would you feel more motivated to learn if everything you needed access to was one click away? Or if you had to go to the library to check out multiple books? According to 13 Reasons for Using Technology in the Classroom, by Jacqui Murray, students tend to complete more tasks when resources are easier to get. In addition, resources online are sometimes more fun than looking them up in a book.

The easier a task is, the more likely someone will actually get it done. Technology is becoming part of everyday life. It’s becoming more and more advanced each year, and having students learn on electronic devices make them better prepared for the future, according to 10 Reasons Today’s Students Need Technology in the Classroom, by Ashley Wainwright. Technology in general is better to have in school because students want to learn with it. It’s more creative, fun, and exciting than reading out of an old, boring textbook. Some people argue technology is bad because it distracts students, or makes it easier to procrastinate because they will go on different wesites or on social media when they should be doing their work.

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In addition, it is hard for teachers to monitor what their students are doing on electronic devices, especially if it’s their own. The only way to get around this is to give students devices owned by the school, so they can block distracting websites such as Twitter and Facebook, so students will only be able to do work on the devices. Even though electronics are costly, schools should find some way to have electronic devices in the classroom for their students. If technology really does help students, then schools should want to get the devices so that they will have a higher reputation.

Schools across the nation should increase the amount of technology used in the classrooms as much as they can. Even though some students have higher test scores without the use of technology, that doesn’t mean all students are that way. If students really are more motivated, they will get better scores. A research study in Auburn, Maine showed that kindergartner students using iPads scored much higher on literacy tests than students that didn’t use the device, says Ashley Wainwright in 8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education. This study proves education is not as bad as others say it is. Kids are improving in their education with technology.