Technology: Killing Friendships or Ourselves?

Some may say that “Technology is the best invention ever created.” But Technology is for mature people and not for the immature.

Technology has became the over-used and taken advantage of by the immature people using it. As in ‘immature people” I mean the majority of teens. Most “teen deaths” come from suicides online; cyberbullying if you’ll like to call it that. Another is preditors, for 60% of this problem is not the teens’ fault, butthe fault of the parent or guardian, for either letting an immature teenager online into the social media world without permission; or knowing that your teen is on dangerous sites and not doing anything about it by not putting down the rules. Now that doesn’t exclude the teengers from this problem.

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Be careful who you text/call over the internet; you never know who the person actually is. Lastly, it can become an addiction to teenagers all over: their minds drifts away from reality and becomes part of the “cyber world.” In spite of it all, each reason supporting how technology is for mature people; there are good ways technology is being used. For example, a friend moves away into another state. How will I see her/him;stay connected and stay in touch? That’s where social media comes in and saves the day. Social media allows us to watch younger family members grow up or stay in contact with a person who is no longer near.

Although the downfall of all this is that once you get comfortable with texting them instead of speaking physically in front of them. Your feelings and actions in person will be the opposite. Rather than having “lol,*laughing emoji* ” there is not one conversation going on in person. Another is having a business online; having an online business is a job to many people. Although some people use it in a form, titled as an “Internet bug.” What is an “Internet bug?” Have you ever wanted a product that just came out and was on an ad for the lowest price!? You finally clicked the ad and a box comes up saying ” WARNING: This is a bad/unprotected website are you sure you want to continue?” You click yes and now you have a virus in your laptop/desktop.

These are what you call spammers.Significantly, these situations don’t happen to just teens but adults too! This is why technology should be used by mature and wise people. Although the cause of this problem is from nonchalant people, majority users are online businesses if they can’t leave the house. Lastly, I gave the good and the bad side about technology hurting our friendships. Now you may be asking, ” What side are you on?” Well after this you’ll know, in the article ” Technology is killing our friendship,” one of their main concerns stated teens having 100% communication online or in a text rather than in person.

Now can you saythat is true about every teen? Everyone is different in their own way! Some teens might be outgoing in person and online, rather than those that could be the opposite… Henceforth, technology to me is the best invention ever created; but don’t let it fall into the wrong hands of others. For it is truly for mature and wise people. This hot debate is important because it shows us the pros’ and cons’ of technology. Solving this important problem will make the world better by showing us different perspectives of the “cyber world” and “offline world.”