I may be the only reason my familys holidays go on without a hitch. I work as a butler during the holidays, I help where I can. I’m often told to do random tasks such as babysit, cook, or clean. I don’t mind since i’m the only one between the ages of 12-40 with the exception of my brother whom would never help.

This particular holiday was Thanksgiving this year. We went over to my uncle’s who I was named after, Ted. We brought some food but it was healthy so i had no part in making it. This was an easy holiday for me since i don’t have to cook or clean, i just have to watch the kids. All my cousins on my dads side was there.

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TJ, Ben, and Rachel my three younger cousins. TJ was old enough to stay quiet for more than a minute so he watched the football game with the family while I babysat Ben and Rachel. Ben and Rachel are about 7 I think and can only sit still with a video game in front of them. So take a guess what i did. I did what anyone would do and started playing video games with them.

My cousins are spoiled and each one of them had an iPad. They spent about 2 hours showing me all their apps before I could play any. But soon after i was kick off the iPad because “I’m bad at that game”. 10 minutes later the food was done, it was a normal thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, sweet potatoes, etc.

The meal was amazing and the company of family was even better.