The Great Debate

Should students be forced to wear clothing that is nerdy, uncool and sometimes even uncomfortable? I think they should. More and more schools are requiring students to wear uniforms.

It makes the society a better place to live, it’s just one less thing to worry about, it puts students in school mode and prepares them for life after education. If you attend a school, private or public, uniforms should be required for all students. Uniforms make the school community a more peaceful environment. Gangs usually attack people wearing colors of rival gangs, but if students are wearing uniforms, there shouldn’t be any problems. One year in California, the Long Beach school district required students to wear uniforms. In just two years the results were incredible.

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There was a 32% decrease in suspensions and a 50% drop in weapon offenses. Even better yet, there was a 51% decline in physical fights. Wouldn’t that be great to have in school districts? In the morning students are especially tired and uniforms would be one less thing to worry about. They won’t have to spend the extra ten minutes picking an outfit and trying it on. This way, they can sleep in longer or have a filling breakfast which in the end will result in happier and brighter students. Additionally, kids could grow up in an atmosphere of equality.

No students have to worry about getting made fun of by the fortunate kids for not having designer clothes. Lastly, students don’t have to sit in class worrying if your clothes violate the dress code, if they match perfectly, or anything of that sort. I, for one, have experienced that. Since it’s Arizona, in the summer it obviously gets really hot. Teachers can’t blame kids for wanting to wear short-shorts. At least once every week I worry that my shorts aren’t long enough and I will get dress coded.

Not only is it embarrassing being pointed out in front of the whole class, but then for the rest of the day you have to wear these ugly bright green basketball shorts and the whole school knows. If uniforms were required, I would’ve never had to go through that. As you can already see, uniforms really are beneficial. Uniforms put students in school mode. They make them in a mood for learning so they will goof-off less frequently.

Additionally, it helps kids focus on what they’re learning and not what they’re wearing. In the end students learn more and are ready to move on. Studies show that when uniforms are required test scores improved because when students wear “smart clothes” they feel smarter. Feeling smarter leads them to doing better on tests. Usually when people see kids dressed in uniforms or adults dressed nicely for work they think, “Oh, they must be smart.” Uniforms can raise test scores, and even put an impression that the school is smart and a well-behaved community Lastly, uniforms prepare students better for life after education.

When students have to dress nicely and under a strict dress code, it’s just like what they will have to do in a couple years when they work under somebody. Uniforms look more like they clothes workers have to wear for higher paying jobs. Therefore they teach students how to dress properly for those jobs. Uniforms prepare students for what they will have to wear once they get a job. Some students feel this effects their freedom of expression. I know that everyone speaks differently and for some people it is through their clothing.

However, there are plenty of other ways they can express themselves. Students can wear necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as long as they are appropriate. Also, there’s always backpacks, purses and even shoes that they can use to express themselves. At most schools every Friday students can wear a “spirit shirt” that represents their school and maybe even jeans. So really, students can express themselves and there is no reason not to switch to making a school safer, less stressful and better prepared.

In conclusion, uniforms are, and always will be, the best way to improve your school. They don’t only make your community a better one to live in, but it also takes a load of stress off students’ backs, puts them in school mode and prepares them better for life after education. Uniforms should be required for all schools, public or private. The answer is clear, uniforms are the solution!