The Hostile School

Wilmington High School is a treacherous and timid bullying pit, where kids are picked on and deceived every day. It is a school run by an insecure principal who lets his students run amuck in the halls. Many of the younger students are afraid to even attend school, and beg their parents to allow them to stay home.

In the Wilmington Town Crier, one mother tells of her son’s (name asked to be kept confidential) horrendous stories of school and all of the older students forcing him to do their homework. The problem with schools nowadays is many students don’t care about their education or getting in trouble, and teachers do not want to enforce any rules. The severe problem of bullying in public schools seems almost impossible to repair, but it can be done with a bit of determination and some disciplinary action. Students have begun to disrupt classes because of their behavioral problems; they weren’t disciplined as kids, and no one has taught them right from wrong. Parents are partially to blame for this, but not entirely. Younger students look up to upperclassmen as role models, and if the upperclassmen act out, then the younger generation will think this behavior acceptable.

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The solution to this would have to begin with only one younger student. If this younger student stands up for what he believes in and fights against the seniors, other younger students will support each other, group together, and when they get older, they won’t become bullies. Parents who do not reprimand their children can stop harassment in schools just by simply talking to their child about their actions. When the parent gets a call from the school saying that their child has been harassing other children and the parent takes no corrective action, there is a huge problem. Children shouldn’t have the freedom to do whatever they want at school and get away with it scott free at home, parents should punish their children and teach them a lesson so they do not repeat their destructive actions and all the students are able to learn without being pressured by others.

Teachers are supposedly the main area of all learning, but when teachers do not care about students succeeding in school, something should be done. Most students do what they are told at school, but when students aren’t told to anything, they begin to think of things to do on their own. All teachers should be very curt with students who act out and rebel. Taking the responsibility of calling a parent when a student’s actions are wrong is important in making the students well behaved. If students in a school are reckless and bullying, many kids will be afraid, and will not want to attend school.

The bullying begins from parents not reprimanding their kids when they do something wrong and leads into young adults making fun of other kids. Bullying continues when teachers don’t stop it and many kids become self-conscience and will no longer succeed in school. When students bully and kids become afraid, learning ceases and what could have been an education, has now become a fear.