School Shootings

I am afraid of going to school.

I am also afraid of being shot. These two fears of schools and guns should not correlate, but they do. Every morning I wake up and wonder if today will be the day our school will get shot up. Is this something we can change? Where have we gone so wrong that kids now feel the need to bring firearms to school and shoot their peers? I don’t know how to fix this problem or where to begin. Children are losing their life and parents are losing their pride and joy.

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These kids had unique hobbies, fears, and personalitys but that has all been lost due to a single bullet. Minors are getting homeschooled because they are too afraid to go to a place that used to be filled with learning. Now it’s just filled with empty bullet casings. We have to do something. It is easier to buy a gun than it is to access mental health care.

We can’t continue to lose our children to this new phenomenon.