The New Learning Life

School has become boring.

Kids are falling asleep and with no new experiences in their learning. Kids should have some sort of visual art classes because it improves students’ abilities and their courage. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to show the positive effects of having visual and performing art classes in school. If there are art classes, students will be able to use the learning techniques for their regular classes. Students can learn in classes with more experiences.

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For example, in drama classes, students can project their voices to be louder. Students can be more interested in learning. Colors and shapes can improve their visual interpretations of texts. Also, students in mandatory classes can learn with less thinking. Classes could include creative ways to let them learn. Students can learn and keep learning in an easier and fun way.

Students can increase skills and courage. In real life performances, they can build up presentations skills. Because of this, students will feel more comfortable giving speeches in public. Shy students can gain experiences to have a positive impact on them. The more that they practice to be open with others, the stronger will-power they will have. However, this doesn’t just affect the shy.

It can affect anyone else. For example, emotion practices from visual classes can build up true meaning and emotions of what and how students talk and react to each other. Therefore, the more courage built, the more students will stand up to share their own thoughts and feelings. In conclusion, visual art classes can have a huge impact on students and even anyone at the school. New learning experiences won’t bore students, and their will-power will build up also. Also, the school’s popularity will be gain.

Having visual art classes won’t just be good now, bit it will also determine students’ future careers!