The Price of a Teacher

Monday morning rolls around and I throw on my clothes, NOT wanting to go to school. Walking into my first period class, I see that my teacher has the same thoughts, yet she doesn’t complain. The cheerfulness she shows gives me energy, and I actually learn something, even in my Monday morning slump. The trouble maker of the class decides to pull a prank in science.

He combines two chemicals that catch his clothes on fire, and it spreads insanely fast. My teacher expertly pushes him under the emergency shower, and the boy is spared from major burns. A girl comes into class with a black eye. She desperately tried to cover it up with makeup, but it didn’t work. Our caring teacher got a substitute to watch over our class and she talked to the girl in the hallway all period. The girl’s mother had been abusing her for three years, and who how long it could have gone unnoticed if our teacher hadn’t said anything? Teachers do more than just teach your child science or math.

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They teach us discipline, respect, the value of time, and how to interact with those around us. In other words, they prepare us for life. Why are teachers, who do miracles in the classroom, paid so little? They are among some of the least paid people in the workforce. Why is it that politicians, judges, and other government funded workers are paid so much, and teachers struggle to get by? To me, this is pointless. Put the money where it matters, in the people who teach our children. The children are our future, and the lessons they learn at school; priceless.