The Princessipal

The educator I am choosing to be educator of the year is Allison Abraham. She is the principal of The Newton School. She is the one who plans entertaining field trips, makes sure the building is in decent shape, and is welcoming to new visitors and gives them tours.

She plans community service projects for us like picking up trash from the river. She helps 8th graders practice for high school visits by pretending to be the interviewer. She has invited educational guests like Orly Wahba from Life Vest Inside to speak to us about kindness and much more. She is also helpful to our parents. She even plans parent workshops.

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She has invited Kirk Martin to come and speak to the parents about behaviors of a child. She also sends home report cards for parents to see. That way they can work on it with their children. Finally, she keeps them up to date on all the latest events that are happening in the coming weeks. She has a very loving personality and is kind to all of the students. She rarely gets mad and she is also understanding.

Ms. Abraham is the greatest principal ever!