The qualities of an American

The common American is not simply someone who lives in the United States, but someone with a dream to improve a negative aspect of life without anyone preventing such actions. An American is someone who recognizes opportunity and works hard to insure that he or she gains from the opportunities presented to him. The American way of life was built around a desire to be free, therefore, the American can be any refugee from anywhere in the world.

True determination to escape oppression is an attribute which defines the Immigrants who really wish to create a better life. Despite regional conflicts within the American borders, its citizens are willing work past their differences to prevent America from becoming a region without unity. Unfortunately many American citizens have grown too comfortable in a world where opportunity is a birthright. A significant amount of Americans have become oblivious to the importance of dedication and do not put in the work required to fully utilize their opportunities. Although the freedom of opportunity is abused by some, a majority of Americans take advantage of the opportunities they are presented with and use them to create.

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The first American colonists volunteered to settle the new world in an attempt to start a new life where they could create without the limitations of their native government. Although the colonists had no guarantees of survival, they would rather take chances on their own then continue to be oppressed by a monarch. The idea of personal freedom is what drew the first colonists to America, and this idea still attracts immigrants from across the world today. “An American is anyone who realizes that achieving the best in life requires risks. Immigrants have no assurance of success in a new land with different habits, institutions and language.

” (Hudgins) The author uses this quote to express how an individual truly dedicated to freedom will sacrifice everything he knows if the outcome could result in a life of opportunity. A person living in an oppressed nation will sometimes live their life so overrun with fear, they do not there is a better side to life. Those who do realize there’s more to life than oppression, may take the initiative to flee and leave everything they knew behind, with hope that their new life is more opportune. Life in America is often just as hard for immigrants, who migrate to a new society, where their way of life is not taken into great consideration. A majority of American citizens will not help a struggling and some will even go as far as making life more difficult through discrimination.

Immigration to any new land is a risk with no guarantees to a better life. A person cannot migrate to a new country and expect every challenge in their life to disappear. If anything new challenges arise with immigration such as adapting to the new culture and becoming used to social norms. If a person legally migrates to the United States they are protected by the government who will help them adapt to society, as opposed to illegal immigration where the government attempts to deport the immigrant. A cultural connection for this quote is the mass immigration of Mexican citizens into the United States.

Life in impoverished regions of Mexico presents so few opportunities for its citizens; the best opportunity is often an escape to the north. the United States immigration agency declines many applications by migrants in an attempt to keep the American population from skyrocketing. The extreme waitlists and constant denial of immigration causes migrants to take matters into their own hands and attempt to cross the border illegally. The journey into America is very difficult and often fatal, therefore only those with an extreme dedication even complete the trek and even they are not always so lucky. Nothing is guaranteed for the immigrants. Work is not always available and the threat of deportation is always present.

Illegal immigrants are not registered within the government system and do not pay taxes, consequently they are not eligible for every opportunity that most Americans have. The available work for illegal immigrants is very demanding and usually provides very little outcome. Sadly this is often the best opportunity presented to illegal immigrants, however it is part of a life free of the government oppression in which promoted the immigrants to leave in the first place. Just as the original British colonists fled to America for freedom from an oppressive monarchy, oppressed people from across the world continue to flock to America, the land of opportunity. Like numerous countries, America has been divided by the needs of its different societies to accommodate needs of their different citizens. At one point in history, American citizens in the south took advantage of slave labor for mass cultivation, while the northern states did not rely on this form of economic growth.

Sectionalism across America grew to such a conflict that the southern states attempted to secede from the rest of America. After an immense bloodshed between American citizens, the country rebuilt and vowed to stay united to prevent another gruesome internal conflict. “States, individual communities that have united into 48 great states. 48 individual communities with pride and dignity and purpose, all divided with imaginary boundaries, yet united to a common cause, and that’s love of country.” (Skelton) The author uses this quote to elaborate that despite previous conflicts between American citizens, we are united by a dream to progress as a country. Every state takes pride in its own culture, but also respects every other state’s culture, in an attempt to create instead of destroy.

When there is conflict between two people, neither will help each one another in a time of need. States share the same relationship and conflict only destroys the possible opportunities that allies can give each other. When new laws are passed in an individual state, other state governments may observe to see the effect of the law, determining whether a similar law would be appropriate or not. Without communication between the states, one government could unknowingly attempt to pass a law that has failed in another state and caused nothing but distress. American citizens still express their differences today, predominantly with the grouping of Democrats and Republicans.

Despite the extreme range of political opinions, Democrats and Republicans still live together in unity and ultimately wish for the same thing, a flourishing government with the needs of the people prioritized. The government works to present as many opportunities to its citizens as possible, however, this is truly expressed to the fullest when individual states are corresponding with with each other. A state will only prosper at its fullest when the different communities of citizens agree with one another. Since its creation America has transformed from a humble colony into one of the world’s great superpowers. As a result of everything the United States has created and provided for its citizens, many Americans have forgotten that the only way to truly create is to put in hard work towards a goal.

A typical American will be exposed to many opportunities in their life and may knowingly or unknowingly waste many chances to create something great; simply by not exerting the amount of work required. Many People born into the benefits of America will forget that people in impoverished areas do not have the luxuries that are taken for granted. “We want our refrigerators cold and our freezers colder. Bring on the freon. Banish those irritating toilets that restrict flow. When we flush, we flush all the way.

We will perfect the dream of nuclear power. We will put our toxic waste wherever we want it, when ever we waste it.” (Dowd) The author argues that Americans are over privileged and are not grateful for the liberties they are born into. A significant amount of Americans do not realize how lucky they are to live with the birthrights of America. The severely impoverished people in the world would give anything for the luxuries of plumbing, refrigeration, health care or law enforcement, while most Americans could not imagine a life without such utilities. Because American citizens do not have to be dedicated to survival at all times, like in impoverished lands, Americans can afford to let opportunities pass by without drastic consequences.

The life of an American who seizes opportunities every time they arise will be more successful than someone oblivious to their surroundings; but one can survive in America by just putting in the bare minimum of work. Essentially if anyone wants live life to the fullest they must put in an immense amount of work towards their goals, however, many Americans do not mind putting in far less work than what is required and living a subpar lifestyle. Technology is a tool which all Americans rely on to make life easier in some way, therefore people who take initiative will use this opportunity of work to progress and make life continuously more luxurious for others. As long as there is improvement to be made, the American will be hard at work to insure the work is completed. Nothing great was ever accomplished without dedication and Americans incorporate this philosophy today into their work ethics.

While oppression still exists in the world, there will be Americans to resist the forces of evil. Unity is a considerable factor in country’s remaining prosperous. Despite a new generation of Americans where the population feel they are not entitled to work, there will always be a select few that will take initiative to create. the United States is the land of opportunity, and will continue to be so as long its great citizens realize their opportunities and take advantage of them.