The Schools Truth

Cut! Cut I say! Stop all the nonsense! This drama does not need to keep going. Forget all the he said this and she said that.

It all means nothing. Why don’t you just leave it alone or do something about it? Why must we damage each other? Making up lies does not help you. It only starts wars. Sadly throughout the world a something is spreading. A disease that infects anyone and everyone.

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All have felt it while the majority of us have suffered from it. No one can say they have not. If your wondering the disease I talk about is bullying. Now don’t go and say,”Oh its just teasing”. Cause no its not! There is no difference between the two.

They both can go to far to the point of starting fights and making someone have a nervous break down. The definition of teasing specifically says: to irritate or provoke with persistent petty distractions. While as for bullying: a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. This shows that teasing is just another form of bullying. It may be funny to you,but not to them.

And the place where this is growing? Well that’s easy. School. Schools are the number one place for bullying. For instance,CW Middle school. This school has a lack of discipline though they claim to have a no tolerance policy.

How do I know this? Well this is for me to know. But I know first hand about this. At this school the vice principle seems to think that only the children she considers ‘normal’ are the good ones. As for others like me such as Gothics,emos,anyone who does not conform,and other people she deems strange. Here’s an example.

New student starts getting made fun of by many of the students because they wear all black and be themselves. So they tell the teachers and they do no help. So they take matters into there own hands by being mean back. Can you guess what happened? They got out of school suspension for 3 days. And how did this happen? Well the bully’s made up a ridiculous story and the vice principle believed it. You see what I mean? The teachers at this school are like many more.

They find no reason to help out the students. They only brush it off as simple drama. To them its to much of a hassle to stop the nonsense though they see it going on. Instead teachers like the vice principle I was speaking about,Erica Hameed,favor some students over others. Most of them single out the ones that they seem to think the fault should fall on. And what is being done about this? Nothing.

The school bored shows a blind eye to these teachers. And if they do notice its only because they say the same old statement,”Well we only saw this person doing it. Not the other”. Do you get it now? Something obviously be done. But what? If only this problem could be solved. Well I say it should be! Either the teachers go or we students go!