The Secrets Behind Amazon

Amazon is a company created by Jeff Bezos in 1995 as an online bookstore that has become one of the most powerful corporations, selling almost anything to people all over the United States. However, Bezos and his company have been known not to treat their workers well. They have had brutal working conditions, treated the workers inhumanely and kept their employees in fear.

Amazon has been known to expect the same productivity in the summer heat, and has scared most workers into continuing this job. Paramedics have sometimes had to be present to help employees who are unable to withstand the dizzying heat waves. Workers at Amazon have also had to work longer in the holiday season, with an 11-hour workday five days per week as opposed to the usual 10-hour workday four days per week. Hundreds of these employees are usually fired after the holiday season. All complaint e-mails sent to Bezos are forwarded to the responsible employee for an explanation.

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This often leads to the loss of his or her job. Also, if more than fifty workers are in a certain department, the manager of the department fires five employees who have not done as much work. This makes the workers live in fear of being fired and turns their job into a competition. Bezos has also been known to laugh at employee presentations and to insult his workers. His biographer described Bezos as lacking empathy, allowing him to ignore the human component of his company. Though Amazon has denied the claims that it does not consider the health and welfare of their workers, it still seems that they have not treated their employees with respect.

Workers at Amazon have had to endure insults and brutal heat, while continuing to work out of fear of losing the job.