The Teachers Are Gone, Let's Act like Animals

I am sure this aplies for every school, but have you ever noticed what happens when a teacher leaves the classroom? Is it A: everyone sits and reads untill he returns.

B: nothing at all happens or C: the classs starts acting like animals. The answer was C,and if your class does A or B congrats. But this article is aboutwhat acting like animals while the teacher is gone. And why classmates do it. So some students think that when the teacher has a sub or is gone,they can act like demons.

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Which of course is not what to do,but they do it anyway.And as many may know if one student is being good and the rest of the class say breaks a globe by smashing it.Who will get in trouble,the whole class.not only are you in trouble but you will probably get blamed for it all. And if you tell the truth of what happened you are forever called a snitch.

Now why do these syudents do this, well after I talked to people I have came across one reacurring one. The kids do not like the teacher. But that seems to obvious, so I kept observing my classes when a teacher was gone and here is what I found. Yes the kids do not like the teacher,but another reason I found was that they were just really bad kids. Now I know that sounds kind of obvious but that is what I found.

to end all of this I hope you can be a good student and just sit there when the class gets wild. Or if you don not listen to my advice, I hope you do not get in trouble.