These moments

Teenagers have it pretty hard.

We’re forced into a social situation with people who are just as insecure as the next person and we’re just trying to fit in. Everyone just wants to get through those four years of high school without becoming a joke, or the target of peoples jokes. In these four years, peoples opinions are all we seem to care about. The name calling, the moments, the memories, the relationships, the friendships, those are the things that you care about. But those people and events won’t matter in a couple years. You’ll have moved onto something bigger and better.

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In a way, its sort of scary, to think that the moments that used to define us, are the ones that we’ll forget. In your life, you learn things, things about who you are, and things about the people you surround yourself with. You’ll maybe visit your old town, and something will spark your memory and you’ll remember an old friend who you used to cherish. The late nights talking about who you you liked at that time, Silencing your laughter so that your parents won’t know you’re still awake, confiding in each other your deepest secrets. These are the little moments that you remember and cherish because they were happy ones. No one wants to remember the sad memories, the ones that made you cry, or the ones that made you lash out in anger.

We’re all just desperate to remember our happiest times and forget the worst.r