Too Many Kids

Almost every year, about 83% of high school kids graduate. I personally thought it lower from my perspective on school. I see many kids, including myself, get distracted from all that goes around in a big classroom. More kids in a class equals more distractions, interruptions, and gets class cut short. These are the everyday things that go on in a classroom with too many kids.

Class would run smoother with less students who don’t prevent others from learning. I don’t understand the point of kids coming to school to be loud and obnoxious. This causes me to get distracted; my rights to learn should not be stripped away by someone who doesn’t treat their rights as a priority. I believe that a public school should be seen as an opportunity to get an education for free. Having these bigger classes can be a difficult environment to work in.

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I see many students talking over a teacher, making random noises from their desks, and distracting others from learning. The same kids distracting others are the same kids interrupting a teacher or student, they believe their ideas are way better than anyone else’s; these students can wait to be called on to speak their mind. Everyone deserves to learn and should not be interfered by the disturbances of others, we need to change this by minimizing kids in a class. By having fewer students, many kids will go on to learn to their full potentials. Fewer students can optimize learning capacity. Teachers can keep a closer eye on their class, and have an easier time helping out kids who need it.

People infringe the rights of others learning, and they do it for no reason. I have experienced being in a class with many kids, and I noticed the when more kids were absent the class went by smoothly. No interruptions, no distractions, no frequent stops. This is why I believe that larger kids leads to more distractions, interruptions, and frequent cut offs. Class runs more smoothly without many kids.

These everyday occurring incidents happen to much and could get in the way of kids diplomas. Would you want to fall behind in class due to others, or would you like to be part of the 83% of kids who graduate?