Disabled Kids

Have you ever thought about the things a special ed student goes through a day? How they are constantly separated from the rest of the kids in the school.But some special students can have natural features. They can be average everyday people that you would never tell was mentally challenged. But in a few years special ed students will be put in classes with everybody else.

A Lot of people will disagree with special ed students joining regular classes. For the simple fact that they will slow down the learning of the other students in the class. Or they’ll say that the special ed kids will distract the other students while there tryna learn. Or that they wouldn’t understand what they’re learning because they’re too far behind and not ready for this type of learning. Yet but all these negative things is just discouraging them not pushing them forward like we should be doing. There’s certain people will agree with this agreement though because it can help the special ed students.

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A lot for example they can learn how to be normal students. And how to be socially active they would learn more then what they would learn and the class separated from everybody else. Plus it will encourage the students to do bigger things knowing that people are with them now and not looking at them like some type of animal or making fun of them there still people. The agreement was passed the law will be in effect in a couple of years. Some will disagree and a lot will agree with it. But it can make a huge impact on these kids future and can make a huge impact on the world for all special ed students adults.

That the thing you should think of next time you think about a cracking a joke about a special ed kid. Or laughing at one becuase there a chance they will be sitting next to you in your class. Learning the same things that you’re learning just they just want to make it like the rest of us so we should welcome them with open arms not pointing ones.