Truancy is a problem across the United States. Kids missing school are enjoying their time off until that letter hits their mailbox. Their families go through a lot just to get them out of that situation. There are fees if your child does not attend the court dates, community service and even jail.On any given day, it is estimated that 64,000 children will skip school without permission. Students who miss school will receive many chances to not owe a fine.

They can do community service to avoid jail or paying a fine. Parents have to take time out of their day to take their child to community service. My mother’s son which is my brother stated, ” It is such a hassle to take my son to court and community service, I have to take time out of my day and job to help my son get rid of this truancy charge.” Families can also pay a fine. That can cost up to hundreds of dollars. “My son owed a fine of $500, he did not have a job so I had to pay.

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Money getting spent on court fees because my son chose not to go to school. It was ridiculous.” Said a former truant parent. The money can go to other stuff instead of fines. Students can also go to jail if they do not pay their fines or attend community service.

Former truant parent Jessica states, “Seeing my son gone was a pain, I cried every night missing him.” Paying this fine and not attending court is a big thing, because if you don’t you’ll end up in jail. Families go through a lot with their kids. It is a struggle for them to go through truancy. Skipping school is not a game.

This is a serious matter around the world. And most of all a serious matter for the students and Parents.