The Future Generation

What if twenty years from now the world was reduced to a handful of successful people and the rest of the world in war, on drugs, and completely crazy? Now we could stop that now if kids come to school and get the education they need. But right now half the kids are truants doing who knows what. So far court orders and GPS’s haven’t worked. We need to start bribing them.

I mean people are in constant demand of money whether they’re working or now. If it’s teen pregnancy, supporting a family, or just wanting things everyone needs money. So, I think, if we paid them for coming to school and getting adequate grades then they would do better. It wouldn’t only help students, but schools also. The average amount schools get paid for students per year is $863. The schools could get better equipment such as uniforms, computers, textbooks, and supplies.

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Not only this but they could hire more teachers, get more AP classes, and a better education overall. Like at one school money has gotten so scarce that the teachers stopped asking for replacement textbooks that are 20 years old. Now they just ask for duct tape. It doesn’t have to be even money. Some schools have been entering their kids with perfect attendance into raffles. These raffles have prizes such as cars, vacations, iPods, and other things.

If we did this, most kids would want to come to school more often and they would get better grades because it has been proven that grades and attendance have a positive correlation. Kids really aren’t the problem in this. It’s the parents fault in my opinion. Instead of the kids taking all the blame and getting in trouble and messing up their future, the parents should take a part. If we don’t bribe them then we should enforce the system where there is punishment for parents as well. I think they should take more responsibility and know where their kids are all the time.

There is a special fine for parents not knowing where there kids at a certain time. The maximum charged is $10,000. Also, schools are making parents do jail time if their kids aren’t at school. Don’t worry about sanitation because there is a special medical team ready to assess the sick. If they are too sick, then they go home. To follow up most kids are truants.

I know this because a fifteen year-old high school boy spent a Tuesday morning in a courtroom. He was here because he missed more than 25 days of school. The judge tried getting him to go to tutorials to make it up and even made his parents to go to some classes with him. Now he has to carry around a GPS system. If we got the truants off the streets and into school, then fewer crimes would be committed.

Because more than 71% of 13 to 16 year olds prosecuted for criminal violations had been truant. Also 1 out of 10 fifteen year olds were truant at least once a week. So if we got truants off the streets the community would be safer. To conclude if we got kids to school many things would get better. Such as schools would get the supplies and equipment they need, students would have money, and the community would be safer. Kids need to go to school.