Uniformity in Uniforms

These days, authorities are so focused on how students dress, and the effect it has on their academics, that they create these difficult dress codes. However instead of having the burden of managing these dress codes, why don’t they just make school uniforms mandatory? School uniforms should be required because they help students focus more in school, help families save money, and decrease the amount of bullying in schools.

First, students who wear uniforms during school focus more on school work rather than on their apprance.in his 1996 union speech, bill Clinton addressed that school uniforms help create a conductive learning environment(Buckley) which supports the fact that students typically focus on latest trends and often worry about looking “different”, leading to scattered brains and non-focused classrooms. Although others argue that uniforms don’t actually save families money, I argue that they actually help them. Families with low income often give younger siblings hand-me-downs because they cannot afford to buy a new uniform each time a child starts school, or outgrows an old uniform .also, families, low income or not, can often times sell used uniforms providing help financially to others.in fact, studies have shown that 77% of principles estimated the cost of school uniforms to be no more than 150 dollars a uniform.

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(opposing viewpoints online collection, gale 2017).compared to the average amount of 702 dollars spent on a child during the school year(Jonita Davis) the uniforms are inexpensive. Additionally, school uniforms decrease the amount of bullying found in schools, which was also mentioned in bill Clinton’s 1996 union speech (Donohue). Part of the reason students get bullied is because they do not have the financial stability to afford the latest trends. School uniforms eliminates this possibility by making everyone wear the same thing. For the reasons mentioned, school uniforms should be required by all schools, public and private.

Schools would improve their ratings because of the uniformity between the students and lead to benefits in more way than one.