Argumentative Essay on Untitled

Many people complain about how messed up the school system is and therefor blame it on the school board, but what I have only recently realized is that the blame is to be placed on the teachers. Often times, I see things on the internet saying, “School puts education above a child’s mental and sometimes physical health,” to which I am sad to say, I completely understand and relate to. From the view of a fairly well educated 8th grader, thanks to the extra effort my family has put in, a majority of what teachers assign today is busywork. While teachers could be teaching us about the Constitution through witty humor and well thought out skits, which I would be much more interested and entertained by, we get assigned essays, reading from a textbook, and notes.

When it comes to math, I do understand that busywork is sometimes necessary to learn equations and such, but when classes that could easily be project based and show how to apply the knowledge to real life situations fill time with busywork, it just seems absurd.

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