Argumentative Essay on Single-Sex Education

Single sex education has many pros and many cons and can easily be argued about for a long time.Some people think that co education is good enviroment for kids to learn in and that single sex education is not a good place for kids to learn.Others say that single sex education is a good place for students to learn and that co education has many distractions.Some people say that coeducation is unhelpful and Coeducation is just a good way to get distracted by the other gender.This can be prevented by just going to a single gender education school or class.

Single sex education is a learning style that everyone should be in or if not at least consider it. One reason why single sex education is very useful is that in co education schools or classes, Coeducation might not always be fair.In the article of, “Statistics Show Benefits of Single Sex Education” a quote that is, “No one can sit back and let boys take all of the leadership positions.” On page one, the author put this quote in.This is an important statement because how do the readers think a young child would feel if a family member were in this kind of situation.Just imagine a female student not being able to be a leader in school or help anyone because all of the boys are taking those positions before girls can get the chance to.

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It does not seem fair and this is where single sex schools or classes come into play. Furthermore, research shows that in classrooms, it is easier to set up a lesson, plan an event, and to plan an activity.On page one of the article “What Are the Advantages of Single Sex Education?” the author Robert Kennedy says that “Since a single sex school is basically homogenous, that simplifies planning events and activities as you only have to consider boys or girls as the case may be.”Kennedy here is trying to tell us that not only will single sex education keep the genders separated and not able to distract each other, but it is also easier for teachers to make a good and fun lesson for the students to learn from. Think of about being the coach of a basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the players do not let the coach, coach the team.One of the players takes the position of coaching and the team would not succeed that year.

Does not seem fair, right?Well studies show that girls that go to a school with both boys and girls can feel like this.Boys most of the time take all of the leadership spots when it comes to sports in Physical Education or school and helping people around the classroom.This is stated in the article of “Statistics Show Benefits of Single Sex Education” with a quote of, “No one can sit back and let boys take all of the leadership positions.”The author Lisa Pevtzow put this in on page one to show that multiple gender education is not fair to one gender or the other. Lastly, schools or classrooms with both boys and girls is not helpful because fairness does not work or does not go well.”American schools are failing at fairness, but here (single sex schools) is something that works.

” This quote is on page number one of the article “Statistics Show Benefits of Single Sex Education.”by Lisa Pevtzow. Pevtzow put this quote in probably because she wanted to make her point clear that single sex education is “a place that works” or a good and easy place to learn. Single Sex Education is a topic that people have been and can debate for a long time.There is evidence that co education is good and there is evidence that single sex ed is good but there is no real answer that is not an opinion on which side is better.Single sex education is the better learning style out of the two and to get a good education or for a family member, go check out a single sex school to go to or at least consider going to one.