Essay on Single-Sex Education

Imagine that there are boys in girls in a physical education class. A group would form a team and they would compete upon different teams. Would it be easier for teams of the same gender, or mixed to compete on the same side?Many argue that competing with teams of the same gender helps accomplish work faster because certain genders think more alike, causing them to relate to someone similar to them.

This is what happens in single-sex schools. Single-sex schools are schools which are enrolled of one gender. This act of doing so results to many positive reasons, but there are many topics that can relate to the disadvantages of single-sex education. Some may argue that single-sex education reduces students opportunities to work together, is very costly, and that it is not the “cool” thing to do. Even though many individuals disagree the idea of separating the genders educationally, it can lead to more comfortable learning environments, better academic achievement, and can simplify planning events.It can be agreed that single-sex schooling has many benefits relating to learning and development for a student’s future life.

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There are many benefits that apply towards separate gender education. One reason is that the social pressures can be gentler. There are no distractions from the opposite sex. Some people even say that students learn more in a single-sex setting. Boys and girls learn in different ways and they have a better chance of succeeding simply because they are learning in an environment where they receive more personal attention.

Students can continue to work separately, learning and developing at their own pace. This is often a good for boys as they mature later than girls. According to the article, “What are the Advantages of Single-Sex Education?” the author states that “Some children thrive in a single-sex school. Why?For one thing, the social pressures can be gentler. Your child can grow at his own pace.

” Even though the article “Single-Sex Education: the pros and the cons” states that “Few educators are formally trained to use gender-specific teaching techniques.” there are proven classes that teach teachers by having them pick up different styles of teaching when teaching a specific gender. Teachers in a single-sex school can also use methods that may interest students who want to succeed and learn more than they already know. Another reason is that cost can come into play. single-sex education is cheaper when just supplying materials for a specific gender.

Teachers also give independent and one-on-one time to improve. According to the article, “Single-Sex Education is Assailed In Report,” the author states that “The pendulum had swung with boys’ difficulties in school receiving more attention.” Students who attend separate gender classrooms also have a better chance of “breaking out of their shell” without being pressured and doing something that they would not normally do in a coeducational school. “Girls drop their shyness and begin to take risks in a single-sex setting. They become more competitive.

They embrace sports like field hockey and soccer with gusto without worrying about appearing like tomboys.” (“What are the Advantages of Single-Sex Education?”)This would normally result to encouraging students to be themselves. It is also seen that boys in an all-boys school will get involved in “feminine” things such as pottery and theater and girls in an all-girls school will get involved in “masculine” things such as sports and science. This is another reason why students who attend single gender schools break out of their shell and experience more without getting pressured from the opposite sex. Even though there are countless reasons for why single-sex education is positive, there are also true facts that are negative. Many people agree that single-sex education does not appear “cool” to everyone.

According to the article “What Are the Advantages of Single-Sex Education?” the author states that, “Only 1.8% of girls and 2.2% of boys are educated in single-sex schools.” Due to financial effects, coeducational schools have become much easier to put genders in one school or classroom. This has took a turn on why coeducational schools are so popular.

They are common. Also, the article “Single-Sex Education is Assailed In Report,” argues that single-sex schooling reduces the opportunities for boys and girls to work and cooperate together. They will eventually work together in future purposes, so why not put them together now?Finally, most teachers that are hired at single-sex schools do not know how to teach a single gender. This can lead to many problems. A boy’s mind is much different than a girl’s, causing different genders pick up on different learning techniques.

This can become an issue if the teacher does not know what these methods and strategies are. “The teaching style prompted by advocates of single-sex education could be ineffective (at best) or ineffective (at worst).” (“Single-Sex Education: the pros and cons”) Choosing either single-sex or coeducational education can be tough in some matters. single-sex schooling has been common ever since the government discovered that combining genders would result to cheaper costs. Even though coeducational schooling is more common, it does not mean that single gender schooling is bad. Single-sex education has many advantages by providing better learning environments and the ability for students to grow and learn at their own, relaxed pace.

Consider the benefits for single-sex education and realize why the results attending a single-sex settings can cause many positive results.