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ICT report pc specification a) Based on your hobby/project to briefly describe the ways in which the computer would be used (you are not to use more than 600 words for this). You should for example discuss the types of programs/packages that will be used. The computer will be used for study reasons and also to watch films, due to having a budget to maintain I felt it would have been expensive to put together a computer for multimedia and gaming purposes.

Therefore I will be working closely with the budget and inspecting every component price.A computer system consists of hardware and software. Hardware is the equipment, which makes up the computer system. The Hardware will consists of Input devices such as keyboard and mouse, also output devices such as a monitor and backing storage devices such as CD drive, DVD drive. The hardware that I will use is: Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor.

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The internal component will consist of a motherboard, RAM, CPU, Hard disk, Power supply and graphics/video card. Not a single component of the computer system or a separate device will be pre-prepared for.The entire computer will be built from scratch upon the recommendation of those hardware devices that are necessary to the task. I will specify the components for the computer system which I will acquire a base unit and all internal components, a mouse and keyboard also any external CD or DVD drive needed for the system. I will also need to buy a monitor and a legal operating system. However I will not have to include external devices such as scanners, printers, USB memory sticks etc.

Also I won’t have to include any software e. g.Microsoft Words, Photoshop other than an operating system. Besides the components that are required the computer will be used for project reasons, an indication of the types of programs/ packaging used to complete the task will include an operating system like Microsoft windows or Mac.

In computing, an operating system is the system software responsible for the direct control and management of hardware and basic system operations. Apart from installing the OS there is no clear definition written in the coursework specification about installing other software’s.Therefore the only programmes that I will encounter are the operating system and the installation programmes from certain hardware components e. g. mouse and keyboard. Read more: http://www.

coursework. info/GCSE/Information___Communication_Technology/Hardware/A_computer_system_consists_of_hardware_a_L98196. html#ixzz0Za9sQ1Ta B) Calculate your fixed budget (show calculations) and write it in your report. After reading the pc specification I have will complete building a computer system to that of a good standard, with ? 00 to spend plus the end 2 digits of my i. d card which is 000533237.

A pinpoint amount of detail of the computer system describes just how accurate this specification must be. Unfortunately I have limited funds to build the pc, in fact I have ? 800 to spend plus the last two digits on my i. d card which is 000533237, in this case I will have an extra ? 37 to spend. To determine how much I have to spend i will use the following formula. For example the budget with my id no 000533237 would be: ? 800 + ? 37 =? 37 Therefore my total fixed budget to buy components for the pc is ? 837.

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DDR3 SDRAM is an improvement over its predecessor, DDR2 SDRAM. The primary benefit of DDR3 is the ability to transfer twice the data rate of DDR2, thus enabling higher bus rates and higher peak rates than earlier memory technologies.Hard drive= http://www. scan. co.

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