Video Games = Complicated Life

“Lzappy, the day you realize that, you have bigger priorities than video games. You will always excel in life.” –My Father My father has whispered this very quote in my ear, and it has followed me to middle school. Sometimes kids ask their parents if they can have a PS3 or WII U systems most parents say no.

I feel that there is a great reason why parents say no. Most say that it will be a distraction from studies and lead to an uneducated student. I feel the same, now that I‘m older. Even though my parents decided to give me the PS3 from Black Friday sales, I‘m still restricted to playing once a week. Video games can make life more complicated. “Have you heard of the new game station?” asks my friend.

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“The WII U, you mean” I reply. “Yup, there aren’t going to be new WII games. It’s practically useless to have a WII system,” my friend replies. This is one challenge that every parent faces. They bought the WII five years ago, and then the child whines that they aren’t going to make any more of those games. The parents usually make a deal, just like my parents, to buy a new game system and in return to still focus on work and get A’s in every subject.

And they end up spending money to buy many games and remotes for the system and possibly not make any progress in educational work. Can video games make life more complicated? Have you noticed that a younger sibling always gets what they desire, and when the older sibling asks the parents, many times, says no. That’s what happens when you grow older. Parents, and at a point children as well, expect kids to focus on the SAT’s and want them to work hard to achieve the grade they want you to get. Also, they might think that you will waste time on video games and not on work.

While a younger sibling gets more attention, many of the times, and parents give up to them much easier than to a 14 year old. Plus, they don’t have any work until grade school, so the younger children have time to wait. In conclusion, video games make life more complicated. Due to SAT’s that every parent, and child, wants to excel on, and depending on the age group of the child, the child may get what they desire. Also, the issue of the systems becoming unusable, due to new production of game systems; parents have to spend more money to buy more useless items that will distract the child to perform worse in studies. Video games make life more complicated, because of the many consequences that come along with games.