Video Games Benefits

Video Games Benefits People are questioning whether video games can benefit teens in school when it comes to thinking and problem solving skills.

Aspx says, “Playing video games, including violent shooter games, may boost children’s learning.” Games that you can get a hold of easily help change the mood of people. Aspx states,”70 percent of gamers play with a friend, and millions of people worldwide participate in massive virtual worlds.” People wonder what genres or types of games are good to play to help in class and should they play all video games for school. Genres, or types In my opinion, some genres or type of games that are good, include: RPGs, (role playing game) and (MMORPG), Simulations, Strategy, and dancing, or moving games.

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The reason for RPGs and simulations is they show you what something in school and in life looks like. Strategy is as all about thinking and problem solving so you ahead. Dancing, or moving games are about physically and health wise. What classes can these games help in? Classes People are talking about classes that video games can help in some are science, math, reading, language arts, and a few others. Math and science is hidden inside of the game.

Reading, and language arts there are stories, quest and lot of thing to read and comprehend. The other classes is there is history and art are in games so they help in those classes. Can all video games be good for school? Should we play all games People have asked what games are recommended to play so you get help in school because some help more than other. Aspx states all games are good to play but, What help me, (some might be childish) minecraft, WOW, (World of warcraft), Red Alert 3, andXcom. Minecraft is all about building and survival but building is a key part, building is art and math because you pick looks and how many blocks you want and need. WOW has lots of reading, you are reading stories and quests.

Red Alert 3 and xcom is about planning ahead of time so you succeed.What do you think do video games have benefits. In conclusion, video games have benefits that are hidden inside the game. All genres or types of video games are good to enjoy for learning. Video games help kids with social skills and in classes so you are good around others and school. You are able to play all video games, as they are all able to help you in different ways.

I hope you learn from this article and tell others about the positive benefits from playing. Bibliography: