Viva La Vida

Viva la Vida is Spanish and when translated, means “live the life.” Living the life is what people aim for.

From child to teen to adult, that life may be different, but it is like there is an invisible standard of a person’s life. As a teen, I think there is a definite life that teens want to reach, but yet, this life is an unrealistic goal. I think it should really say, “Live your life.” Teens must be strong enough, skinny enough. They have to be good at all the sports and they have to have the good grades.

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They have to have the right friends and they have to be in the right clique. They have to do the cool things, wear the cool clothes, and have the cool car. It is like when I accomplish all these things, I am “living THE life.” Yet, why do I care? Why does this matter? As a teenager in a world like the one I live in, it is hard. Being a Christian is hard. Being bombarded with everything makes life hard.

I am growing up and as a teenager I am supposed to start to find out who I really am. But when things like, “living the life” get in the way, I cannot really find me. I only see what people think I should see. I only do what is “cool.” Is this really what I want though? I want to live my life. I want to set my standards.

High school is hard. Being a teenager is hard. Being a Christian is hard. How can I live my life when all this crap is holding me down? Well, I have to break out. I have to be heard.

But, how can I be heard when I am a teenager and only one person? It is all life. There are so many questions. Still, I think I can live my life. I think I can do what I want. I think living the life means more than what the world is telling everyone.

There is more than just “the life.” There is enjoying life. There is living my life. The life I want to live according to my standards and my faith. No matter what someone believes, their life is theirs.

No peer pressure should be able to change that. Nothing in the world should be able to change that. My life is mine and I plan to keep it that way. The life I want to live is one according to my faith. One to please my parents and all they have taught me.

The life I lead is not led by peer pressure. It is not led by media or what goes on in the world. I live MY life.