Vocab Quiz 2

Dear Dr.

Iverson: It has been brought to my attention of your egregious decision to force the students at Arrowhead Private School to wear dress clothes. I construe that, we the students, get to decide what we are to wear. I will not tolerate this conformity and will fight until impunity no longer exists. When has this become an issue? I enlisted in this private school because was no dress code here. When I ask the teachers about what they think of this dress code, they distraughtly replied in an acrimonious way, that the paucity of the dress code was to be changed eventually, but getting one day a week, Friday, to wear shorts, jeans, and sweatshirts is simply foolish. They have realized, along with us students, that getting to pick what you wear to school are letting us show who we are.

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If we had to wear dress clothes, not only would it burn a hole in our pockets, but force us to conform to what you want. Didn’t you always teach us to be ourselves, and not to let anyone show us which path to take? The student body doesn’t believe you are following your own motto. Forcing us to dress nicely will elicit a pernicious type of rebel, Sir. Your act of duplicity will encourage uproar among your behaved students ruining our stunning reputation. I ask you to consider this argument, and if you have a question please contact me and I will be willing to help in whatever way is needed. Sincerely, Haley