Vocab Quiz 3

“I have to go to practice, work, then do my homework tonight…great.

” “I have so much homework, I hate school.” I hear people saying that on a daily basis. Why do they say that…they’re stressed and need to learn how not to succumb to the pressures of high school. That’s why I’m here, to tell you how to manage your stress. I am going to help you thwart stress completely.

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• You aren’t ubiquitous teenagers. You can’t be at work, practice, and school at one time. Do one thing at a time, start with the hard, finish with the easy. I guarantee terminating the malignant work first will lower your stress. • Secondly, I propose you lighten your load. Take classes that don’t involve a critical thinking type of work.

Overloading yourself with six APs is a harbinger to a stressful life, and excruciating work. I’m not saying not to take APs, just spread them out over two years and not one. • This tip is for the teachers. After the bell rings, and the announcements are done in the morning, take five minutes to meditate. It will alleviate stressful thoughts from your mind. This will also help us concentrate better.

• On those fretful half-days of exams eat a sufficient breakfast. With no hunger in our stomachs, stress will not be present. A healthy meal before an important event (our exam) will help us relax and concentrate. • Getting those reverberating thoughts of how much work you have ahead of you is what to aim for. When doing homework listen to your iPod. That will not solely eliminate background noise, but clear your head.

Once again, it will help you focus and relax. • Take a vacation to a remote location. Let yourself breath and see a new view. • Do not procrastinate. If you chose to do so, your work load will increase and consequently, your stress level will too. • Try acupuncture.

Sticking needles in your body doesn’t have to hurt! • Go on a run. Clear that head out, and be alone. • Boxing. Punch a punching bag until you feel the stress just escape from your body. If the above tips do not work, try seeking professional help.

You’re only in high school, and the four years after high school are harder than we know.