We Don't Want Homework, We Want Fun

In the town with wide beaches, boardwalk, and mansions, my school in Ventnor thinks that what if there will be no homework? If the school banned homework for the rest of the year, then we celebrate, make fun, and hopefully gonna do work in class. I want to tell you, Teenink readers, that every school will banned homework for the rest of the year.

Your school will banned homework so you should make fun, celebrate, have a pizza party just like mine during the yearbook signing, and more. Every school in every state has too many homework that makes people get bored or exahusted. Even mine has too much homework but few of them are finished, and since I’m doing the website TeenBiz, it so irritating that my dad have to check my homework to see my grades but I have too many 75% on my grades, and too many 88% as well. Computer homework is also a big thing that everyone don’t want. For the examples of IXL and MobyMax are also a big things that happen to students from around the world. You see, IXL has too many assignments that everyone have to do.

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Since I work on IXL, they have like brainless answers and lags, but it’s really hard from 8th grade to Calculus because of the questions and problems, this is what we don’t like about computer homework. Now Mobymax is also hard for some kids from 1st to 4th grade because of the answer. When I was in 7th grade with my Math teacher Mr. Freeman and angry Mrs. Henry, they told my class that we have to do MobyMax because they said that we are deaf. We are not deaf, we want no homework so we should make fun.

How come we’re deaf if we are in 7th grade and over-aged at school? My current English teacher Mr. Kane tell you, that MobyMax is for E-L-E-M-E-N-T-A-R-Y school students, not middle school students. We want fun, like watching movies or play games in class. We don’t want MobyMax just because they’re for babies and kindergarten. We don’t want IXL because it’s too boring for everyone at home. We don’t want Teenbiz because it’s also boring and lame.

Just do it during class, not at home! If we want a field trip, we want a field trip. If we want to celebrate Field Day, we want to celebrate Field Day. If we want to graduate from middle school, we want to graduate middle school. We want no homework to do at home, so people will take a break to play Xbox, play on a computer, watch TV, go somewhere else as a vacation. I know that school will get homework that will do work at home, but my answer is.

.. NO!!! We always want to prohibit homework for the rest of the year. No after school program, no skill builders, and no study hall. Please President Trump. Banned homework for all of the school in every states.

I know that my friend Jasser miss a lot of homework, and my boy Yazeed is getting too tired for this, just please forbid the homework. Just let people do homework in class, not at home. If you send your homework at home, then you are going to get in big trouble. But right now, Teenink readers, make fun. Just do whatever you want without doing your homework.