What all TEENAGE females and males need to hear!

I’ll start with my sexe, female. We are a beautiful kind, loving and irrestible creature.

So it seems. Some are exactly that discription, but it seems harder and harder to find a girl like that anymore. Let’s be realistic, girls, you all know it(well most of you do)you are all petty, selfish,hypocritical and back stabbers. If you were to ask anyone which sexe causes the most drama, it would be us females. Ever since I was in elementary, most of my friends were guys, (I do have female friends as well). I tried the whole “girly friend thing” but I would always find one flaw.

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Girls tend to cause petty drama. Ex: My girl friend and her boyfriend go to the same high school. She wasn’t comfortable with the whole kissing at school senario. Cause when they did, girls talked, even if they are a couple! Now most her friends are guys because we find them more easy going and laid back. So when she would hang out with them during lunch, the girls would go up to her boyfriend and tell him to his face that if they didn’t know the two were dating, they’d say she was dating all sort of guys. They then started telling him that they thought their relationship was a cover up cause she wanted to be a s*** and he was gay! They went to the extreme, and they will.

Girls will always talk. So in the end, they told him that if they didn’t see more attraction(meaning kisses) at school, then they would tell the whole school it was a cover up. He then put them in their place with foul words and the truth of how nasty and shallow they are. And if they were such good experts at relationships, then where are their boyfriends? No, see as they were calling her s***, they were hypocrites, since they would makeout with the first guy they saw at a party! So I am so very interrested as to way girls are that way, I sure can’t stand it. Guys, sometimes you can bring such comfort to a girl as a girlfriend or simply a friend. We love the fact that you’re easy going and laid back, meaning you don’t start drama (most of you).

So I’d like to advise most guys not to mess it up. Think more with intelligence then with urge. Maybe the girl just wants to be your friend. And sometimes she doesn’t want the guy to mess it up. Welcome her, don’t be sexist and make crude comments about her in front of other guys when she’s around.

Why is the question concerning both sexes.