What Counts

I’m so tired of everyone always complaining about their grades. “Oh my gosh, can you believe Miss So and So gave me a C?!”Be quiet!! If you don’t like your grades, then do something about it! I work my butt off for my grades, so I get good grades. A good work ethic is bound to improve your grades, so if you’re too lazy to put in the effort, don’t be a butt-head about your grades!!I also don’t like when people don’t care about their grades.

Do you know how much your education will affect you in the future? Middle School, meet High School. High School, meet college. College, meet your occupation. Don’t waste your talents by not doing work, or focussing too much on your social life. DO the best you can, and you’ll be proud of yourself in the end. Plus, so will your family, friends, and teachers.

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