What Exactly Is I.S.I.S.?

After countless attacks on Europe, Asia, and North America, people are getting sick of terrorism. The world technology is advancing rapidly, and so is I.

S.I.S. Many people are wondering what is I.S.

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I.S.?How will the world fix this? What is I.S.I.

S. based on? Who is their leader? I.S.I.S.

, also known as the Taliban seized Mosul, Iraq June 2016. Their leader’s name is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdad.They have 24% of Syria, 11% of Iraq, and 14% of Afghanistan. Few countries are looking for answers, but three major armies will continue to give no leeway when it comes to fighting I.S.I.

S. U.S.A. is a major factor of the battle to repeal I.S.

I.S. They have over four thousand tanks, two thousand aircraft, two thousand plus nuclear warheads, six aircraft carriers, and one million brave men and women in active duty, and another two million in reserve. Iraq has a small rebellion force to fight them off. Iraq is backed by U.S.

forces in the fight to destroy I.S.I.S. Iraq also has a separate nation of people called the Kurds, and I.S.

I.S. occupied most of their land. The Kurds are a different group of people that claim Afghanistan stole their land 200 years ago. They have their own separate military to rebel I.S.

I.S. Again, they are backed by U.S. forces. Afghanistan has a slightly larger army.

They have many tanks that were given to by the U.S.A. and over 100,000 military men and women. It is very hard for countries to fight I.S.

I.S. because the fighters are concealed in caves and remote areas only they know where to go. It is also very hard for U.S. soldiers to differentiate between the Taliban and the normal citizens.

We must bring the fight to them because I.S.I.S. isn’t big or strong enough to even last a day overseas fighting in the U.

S. mainland. Afghanistan and Iraq both want terrorism out of their country because I.S.I.S.

is scaring citizens and committing many terror attacks that are very gruesome and kill so many innocent children, men, and women. U.S.A. hasn’t done much with President Obama in office.

While President Obama was in office, he only sent out a few airstrikes. He also called the Islamic State “not Islamic”. He thought by saying that people would not be “offended”. President Obama hasn’t sent any personnel to the Middle East, because he was afraid for military deaths. He was thinking right because he didn’t want Americans dying, but he also should’ve thought about using the Marines, or Air Force because U.S.

A. has a military for a reason and it’s there for them to use them sometimes. President Trump is the current president, and he has been making many great military moves. An example is when President Trump sent out a M.O.A.

B. bomb- which is the U.S. military most explosive and destructive non-nuclear bomb. The bomb wiped out 300 I.

S.I.S. fighters. Another example is a when President Trump sent out ten thousand soldiers to the Middle East to fight I.S.

I.S. in July. Everyday I.S.I.

S. tries to recruit new soldiers. They have done this many ways, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and ads on many websites. A very surprising fact is that I.

S.I.S. recruits kids! They want every Middle Eastern to thinking that Islam religion is the best of all religions. I.

S.I.S. is losing soldiers very quickly, due to the U.S. coming in to fight them.

I.S.I.S. wants young men to join their force.

They do not allow women in their force because in their religion Islam, tells them that women are slaves and are worth nothing. It is possible for the U.S.A. to trace I.

S.I.S. back to the Sunni terrorists, which are a part Al Qaeda, which is a terrorist organization and their religion and motive is pretty much like I.S.

I.S. I.S.I.

S. wants to purify the world by killing non-believers who question their crazy religion. I.S.I.S hates non-believers of their religion.

They commit terror attacks to scare people, and make people be afraid to go out daily. Many people ask themselves, “Are they an actual threat even though they are small?” The answer is yes. Even though I.S.I.S.

is very small with limited supply of things, they still take advantage of the U.S.A. travel policy and security. For example, The U.S.

A. lets in Muslim refugees in our country, and many I.S.I.S.

fighters sneak in to avoid the legal process of getting in and becoming a truthful citizen. In the early 2000’s, there have been many attacks committed by different terrorist groups, on foreign countries. Then, in September of 2001 the first major U.S. homeland attack happened when a terror group named Al Qaeda, whose leader was Osama Bin Laden, attacked the Twin Towers in New York.

Many people were startled and scared after there was a death toll of 1200+. Later then, were people aware of what a terror group could do. After Al Qaeda, and its leader Osama Bin Laden were defeated, I.S.I.

S. was born. Then now, every week there is a terror attack. There aren’t many in the U.S. after President Trump made many smart moves to imply a travel ban limiting travel from the Middle East to the United States.

President Trump will continue to make good decisions to fight I.S.I.S. He will continue to send soldiers to the Middle East to Fight the Taliban and their evil roots to terrorism. The Middle East allies of ours, need more supplies and soldiers.

They are running out of them very quickly. There will be peace one day, and people hope it comes soon. Terrorism will always be there no matter what the world does, and the U.S.A. and its allies need to find and stick with a good solution.