What High School is All About Free Essay Example

High school. It’s a place where guys become the star player, not only at sports but also at playing girls. It’s where girls find out who their friends are and get their heart broken. In other words high school is hell. High school is like a watering hole in Africa, you have to be at the top of the food chain to survive.

But with high school is not who eats who. It’s about who wears what if your part of the football team or if your an athlete at all. In high school it’s the skinny chicks who starve themselves who are at the top of the list, not the fat girl who everyone picks on. Lets face it if your at the top of the rankings in high school then you date your ranking. As for the fat girl, she sits there and wishes she could be like them. High school is hell.

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But it gets you ready for life. You find who you are during high school and who your friends are. It’s filled with young love and heart break. But if your one of those stuck up skinny chicks or the fat girl sitting in the corner with your nose in a book all the time….the kids you go to high school with…is what makes you become who are today.