What High School Is Really Like

People who say that high school is a big fun adventurous part of your life that you will remember forever, are wrong. Well, they are wrong about the first part. The part about remembering it, that’s true. How could you not remember the four years of stress, being sleep deprived weeks at a time, your first kiss, first heartbreak, and your fake friends who you want to kill by the second half offreshman year. Definitely not forgettable things.

All I have experienced in high school so far, is work, fake friends making me feel like s***, and boyfriends making me feel like s***. So basicly 1 out of 5 experiences are positive and make me happy. It’s not worth it. At least not to me. “Homeschooling, that’s what I want,” but no, you can’t be homeschooled.

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If your homeschooled, you won’t learn social skills, or teamwork. What a shame it would be not to learn those things. You can’t live life without them right? Well what about the other things you learn in high school. I’m pretty sure you can live without those things. The things like how if you’re pretty you won’t be miserable.

Or, how if you talk in class the teacher will like you, or how people are fake. All of them. No exceptions. Oh, the worst and overall thing you learn, is that people are cowards. They are scared that if they stick up for you they will be disliked by everyone.

They are scared that if they are themselves, they will be themselves all alone. We can’t have that now, can we. What I learned, all I have learned so far, is that the only thing I am full-heartedly thankful for from being surrounded by cowards, is that I am not a coward. So thanks guys, truly, because you helped me see what the only thing is that gets me through the long torturous judgmental days that I have to spend with you. That, one day, it will all be over and I will be able to go live my life happily, with the knowledge that I was strong enough to last four years with cowards.

Therefore, I will be strong enough to get through any other obstacles life wants to, and definitely will throw at me.