What i want to be

I respect the life of businessman a lot because I know I don’t just get to start off making a lot of money you literally”Started from the bottom now you here.

” How do I know this? My uncle does this job, he started mowing the lawn at the industry and now he is the top dog making big bucks. Why am I telling you this? One day I want to be a rich business man like my uncle. The reasons I want to be a businessman is because of everything they can do such as buy a nice house, make your parents proud, and an everyday life at this job. First of all if you are a good businessman you can buy a big house. In the big house I would have a freshwater pool with a rock wall that you can jump off of and do tricks. In the pool I also have a basketball hoop so we can ball up while we are swimming.

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After we dried off we would go inside the big house and turn on the tv with the touch screens remotes. I am not really a fan of remotes because my sisters always eat by them and get our normal remotes all sticky. If I had my own hluse I would never have to worry about that again. The movie theatre is where I would spend most of my time though. One of my favorite things to do on a boring night is to watch a great movie.

If I had this kind of house I think my parents would be so proud of me on succeeding in life because they never stop encouraging me to do better. My parents have always been pushing me to do better if it’s in sports or in school. They expect me to get all A’s and be the best I can in school. If I were to have this job and to be good at it I guarantee they would be happy. I have told them that this is what I probably want to do and they are always encouraging.

My dad and I have a really good friendship and if I had this job and this much money I would buy him a brand new truck, that he has wanted and looked at forever. My dad also likes golfing, that is one part of the job that I want to take on. This is the part I don’t think about a lot and that is the working part of this job. This is exactly what I want to do… Golf with clients to try to make them invest in my company. It’s not just golfing I have to be good at talking to people.

Making a strong statement and reason for them to invest is also really important . It would also be great because golf is a sport I really admire and plan on playing it as a sport to get better at it. One reason is, it is a sport I can do till I am 70, unlike football and basketball. Although I like those two sports a lot more now I won’t be able to do them after I am 20. After I get all the work done so I have enough money to retire I can do all the things a retired person does. If I am able to buy that house, acheive my parents goals for me, and take on the job of a businessman I think my life may be set.

I am already talking to my uncle and planning on my future so maybe I can shadow him one day to see what a normal day for him would be. My grades right now are good and I plan to keep them that way so I can achieve all my goals. I need to look into some colleges still but I still have some time to think of where I want to go. If I keep on working hard I think I will be ready to take on the challenge to start from the bottom of the chain and work my way all the way up to the top.