What I Want to be Essay Sample

My parents always told me to set goals for myself. They said don’t set them to low or you get there right away and wouldn’t have anything to work for. And don’t set them too high that you’ll never make them. For the longest time ever my goal was to graduate from college and become a veterinarian, over the years I started leaning more towards becoming a nurse. My mom is a nurse practitioner and the stories that she tells us sound pretty cool.

I think it’d be a cool experience to work with babies. Here are some reasons I set a goal to graduate from college with a degree in nursing. To get to a level of work like that I would need a 4-year degree at minimum. But if I wanted to be a nurse practitioner like my mom I’d need at least 2 to 4 more years for a masters degree. Also a masters degree which would give me better job choices and most likely higher paying jobs.

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If I decided I wanted an even more advanced knowledge on nursing I could go back to college and get a PhD degree which takes about 4-8 years to complete, depending on the program you take. Getting a more advanced degree would result in better and higher paying jobs would allow me to earn me enough money to live comfortably. The average yearly income of a nurse practitioner with a masters degree is around $100,000. With an income like that I would be able to buy the things I need to pay for like taxes and bills, food, house repairs, medicine. I wouldn’t need to do multiple jobs in order to make enough to live.

Also, I’ve always liked helping people. I liked seeing them smile after they cried, and knowing I was the reason they smiled just makes me happier. Whether its cheering them up or fixing up their wounds, it doesn’t matter to me. That said; I actually would want to go to work everyday instead of dreading waking up early every morning and going to work like most adults I see today. Enjoying what you do would make you life a hundred times better making you a happier person. I once read somewhere that if you’re happy you live longer, and who wouldn’t want to live longer? I know things in life change unexpectedly, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, I might end up being something other than a nurse, maybe I’ll end up being a veterinarian like I originally wanted.

Wherever life takes me, whether is where I wanted to go or not, I will work as hard as I possibly could and always set goals for my future.