What Is Being Done?

I don’t hate school because I’m “a teenager”. I hate school because everyday I have to go through seven hours of schooling where the teachers only make you feel worthless? And who wants to be bullied and harassed by the people you have to spend your teenage years with, especially when the school system does nothing to stop the harassment? And who wants to spend the youngest years of their life taking tests to determine where they will be for the rest of their life? And who wants to go to a place where creativity means nothing, and all you can do is memorize everything? You know something is wrong with the school system when 14 year olds are being diagnosed with anxiety issues, depression, eating disorders, and social issues by the millions. Adolescence is hard enough to deal with on your own – throwing you into a school where you are made to feel like a failure doesn’t help the situation.

Are adults too blind to see that children and teens are committing suicide and torturing themselves because of bullying and stress at school? That children are taking their own lives because they leave school feeling like a failure? That teens rely on the youngest years of their lives, to be successful when they are oldest? If not, then why is nothing being done?

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