Essay on What Matters

November 29, 2009 What Matters to You While writing this article I brainstormed on ideas of what mattered in my life and things that I came upon was; life, education, family/friends, relationships, and love. These things are typical related topics that matter in teenage or adult life. The question is what really matters to you in life? When you get up for school or work what do you think about? For the ones that don’t care about working or education what matters to you? Education is very important and sometimes it can be distracted by either stress or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

More than one million high school students drop out every year. 7,000 every day. One every 26 seconds! With that being said I myself have got off track multiple times especially with my boyfriend. When you have a relationship in school you tend to daydream a lot so it does matter if your not focus in school…Yes! You hear parents talk about education is the key to success and the thing is they are right. Without an education or degree, over diploma you really are setting yourself up for failure.

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Do you think you can get a good paying job with a diploma if you’re still thinking NO? As a teenager you don’t realize it but we all play favoritism just like teachers do because it is natural. Especially if you have sisters and brothers you have that sister you can talk to about anything or brother but what matters if you do. See we as teenagers sometimes don’t think about the affect on another person or how it makes he/she feel it really does hurt it makes the person feel left out or not wanted and what if that happens to them at school. When you don’t communicate with people nor ask how a person is doing that can be a cause of suicide. What matters to you when it comes to wondering how a person is doing? What will matter most to you if you woke up knowing you had 48 hours to live. Life is all about choices and the choices you make will determine what type of person you will be in the future.

When I completed my thoughts for this article all I can think about was what really matters to me, when it comes to Life, Education, Family/Friends, Relationships, and Love.