What Matters Most

The most important thing to me is education. Without education you can’t get any father in life. Education is very important to the future. School is so important to be successful. Everybody needs education to support there lively hood.

My main reason I find school so important is because I want to be able to support my own family one day. I want to set and example for my kids so one day they will see that if you go to school you will do well. Your education matter for even the basic life style.i want to be able to support my family by having a good job because of your education. The second reason is to be successful and reach all my goals in life. The beginning of my goals was to graduate high school now but now I know that I should have payed more attain so I could have learn more.

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Graduate is a big step in my life and only the first step to further educate my self. Going to college can give you many benefits like having a better job and meeting new people. The final reason on why education is so important is for me to is the success it will give you. Being successful is about being happy and being able to know stuff . Having a good job is part of being successful too.

Going to college and learning things to further improve your education is a good step for your life. The more education you have the better you will be in life. These are all reasons why education is so important to me. I didn’t take my education as serious as I should have but now I’m making sure that is spend my last year making the best of it. Education is a very important thing that you need in life.