Why School Matters Most to Me

What matters most to me is graduating high school and being successful in life .

This matters themost to me but having and education Or high school diploma you will not make it far in life . Graduating high school and going to college would defitnely make my mother proud and myself . Me being the best person I can be matters most to me . Me believing in myself and my goals in life is very important to me . For me to graduate high school I have to make the best grades .

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Me failing my last year of high school is not and option. Me earning my bachelors degree in physical therapy matters most to me . Physical therapy is something I would enjoy doing and is a great care field . Graduating high school with a 3.4 grade average is my main priority . My top goal is to graduate high school and receive a lot of schloarships .

School has always been my top priority this is why it matters most to me . For me to accomplish my goals in life I will have to continue obtaining a 3.4 gpa . In my life I have not always finished things so me completing my senior year matters a lot to me . Not everyone has the oppurtinity to get an education . Sometimes school seems so pointless to me but in the back of my mind I have to remind myself that in the end this will pay off.

So I am great flu for school and I try to work my hardest to succeed in life . Education also makes me look like and hardworking , good citizen .if you can go to school and finish something it shows that you can commit to something and see it through . Education and achievement of high standards is more important now than ever. Almost every job now requires a degree or an equivalent third level education certificate . Education is very important and this is why it matters most to me.