When I Broke My Hand

Have you ever broken a bone? I have it was two summers ago. I was at myGrandpa’s riding my Honda CR250 dirt bike on the track when my friend pulled up and wanted to go riding so we did. We were going down a gravel road at about sixty mph when i lost control of my bike and laid it over and rolled about twenty feet. After all the aftermath I broke my thumb very bad and twelve bones in my hand.

From this I couldn’t ride for a year. Much like Helen Keller overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate, I too overcame an obstacle….. Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of being blind and deaf and the obstacle to communicate. When Helen was a baby she came down with Scarlet Fever and became blind and deaf. When Helen was about seven her parents hired Annie Sullivanto teach her manners because Helen was out of control but Annie had higher goals than that for Helen.

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Annie was eventually able to teach Helen trust, obedience and language to overcome her obstacle. Like Helen Keller I also had to overcome my obstacle. My obstacle was that I couldn’t ride for a year because that was when i got my cast off. One thing i found that helped a bit was i could still go to all the races i just couldn’t race. Also i could still ride my four wheeler. At the end I couldn’t race but I could do things that helped.

Although our obstacles were different we share a few similarities. The first similarity is Annie had to come up with ways for Helen to overcome obstacles I also had to come up with different ways. The second way is we both had a rough time while dealing with our obstacles but we got around it. The last similarity is that we both conquered our obstacles and found ways to make them better. Much like Helen Keller overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate I too overcame the obstacle of not being able to ride. From Helen’s experience I learned that no matter how rough life can seem it will get better and you will move on.

From my experience I learned to keep my head up and things will get better and that you can find ways to get over things. As Helen Keller said “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood”. Works cited Keller, Helen. “Famous Quotes.” BrainyQuote. Xplore.

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