how i broke my wrist

How I brokemy wrist It was friday afternoon and I was walking into The Big-E and I got on a railing and started walking and after 2 or 3 log railings. I was at the end of the railing and there was a train track spike holding the log into the wood and I tripped over it and twisted my wrist backwards to catch myself. When I stood up I walked into the entrance normally and when i got in the Big-E my face got as white as a ghost so I laid down and a man who worked at an electrotherapy stand put two pads on my shoulders and gave them little shocks moving my shoulders up and down getting blood flow back to my head.

Then they called the doctors there that checked out my wrist and after he decided I should go to the medical department and they decided that I should go to a place to take x-rays. As soon as we got there a=we asked the lady at the front desk, for an X-ray and my mom gave her our insurance card and they told my mom that they don’t take our insurance so we asked the people who brought us there to bring us to a hospital and they brought us to Baystate hospital. When we got in the hospital they put me in a room and told me to wait and watch tv until the room, for the x-rays.After a half hour the x-ray room was open and they put my hand in different positions and after another another hour of waiting they came back and said I had a break a fracter and my growth plate was out of place and they said i could get nerve block or bone refratment. My mom decided that I will do the bone refratment so my family and I spent the rest of the day at the Big-E.

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So the next day at 8 in the morning me my mom and my grandma went to yale hospital to get the bonerefratment. They gave me a needle on the vain on my right arm and when they gave me the medicine they asked me what was favorite video game was and i said call of duty when i was imaging that I was hiding in a bomb shelter and there was motor strikes all around me. When i woke up 20/30 minutesI said my mom looks l,ike a horde because she was wearing a black shirt and the day before she was mad because we couldn’t see the horses, I called my grandma a pug because she she was wearing a grey jacket and she loves dogs and she had a pet pug for 16 and 1/32 years,I called my sister a cyclops because she only had 1 huge eye that took up the top half of her face. A 2 or 3 minutes later the loopy juice was wearing off but was still on and they gave me an x-ray and when i got out of the x-ray room i was put back in my room at the hospital gave me a popsicle I ate it and then my mom brought me,my grandma and my sister yo anto a chinese buffet.