Where to Study?

Studying locally is comfortable. However, studying abroad is more useful. I think that they are both good but I would like to study abroad when I grow up. Studying abroad is fun but tiering at the same time. I would study abroad because I would meet new people.

I would also be learning another language. Moreover, I’d be learning new customs and seeing other things. That is why I would study in Boston Univesity. It’s big, new, very educational and accepts people from all around the world. Althought, studying locally is much more comfortable.

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You can study without worrying about your home, family, friends and transportations. It also means you don’t have to study a forigen language, which is good and bad at the same time. I think that studying locally is for people who like or have to have their family close and bieng able to see them always. The only thing in commun of studying abroad or locally is the study part. I think you should choose where you’re studying by your talents and needs. When I grow up, I will study in Boston University because it has all my needs.