"Who Would Eat Flavored Bubbles"

The year 2012, I was in sixth grade. It was probably the worst year of my life.

I didn’t have a lot of friends, my grades weren’t…that great. That was until, the end of March. In my History class we had to create a project(MAJOR GRADE) It was an invention that had to be something that someone could event in this time period and it had to be something that wasn’t already invented. As a result, everyone struggled to come up with an idea, I did too. “I’m hungry,” I thought,” And bored…Maybe I could event bubbles that you can eat,” Even though it was a very stupid idea, I went with it, because none of my other ones made any sense.

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Days later, the contest ended and the results were made. My teacher announced the third, then second place winners, but it wasn’t me. I crossed my fingers, hoping to win first place. “And first place is,” he said “….Sydney Dufauchard!” Everyone clapped and cheered. And this one girl argued “Who would eat flavored bubbles!”, but I ignored her.

Excitedly, I walked up to the center of the class room to get my reward, which was a $25 star bucks gift card.