Why Are Uniforms Mandatory for Students?

“Student attention needs to return to learning in the classroom, rather than how they look when they are in that classroom” What the author is implying is that students need uniforms so they can focus on class instead of what they wear. Students have always feared about not fitting in because of brand name clothing, or have used clothes to gain attention, which takes student’s attention away from school. One of the biggest debates there are is should schools require uniforms or not.Students need uniforms so there would be reduced bullying, and appropriate clothing.

Although a strong case could be made that uniforms are expensive, this reasoning is unconvincing because the costs of uniforms will help parents in the long run because of clothes trends that make students buy new clothing every few months, because they have no uniforms. First of all, students need uniforms because bullies tend to make fun of other students based on their looks. Students are also bullied because of what they wear and their unfashionable clothing. Another important reason why uniforms are essential are that students will no longer be distinguished by what economic class they’re in. I used to go to a school where there was no uniform policy in Canada and got bullied there because of what I wore back then. I got bullied by this one kid so often that my teacher got fed up with me telling her all the time.

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Furthermore, many are made fun of because of their religious clothing. Uniforms are an excellent way to solve this dilemma. In a school where everyone wears the same clothing, it is hard to make fun of what a student’s clothes look like when you are wearing the same uniform too. Bullies will have less people to make fun of when they cannot insult others in the same clothes. In addition, many students nowadays dress inappropriately due to lack of uniforms. Students dress in short skirts and tank tops claiming it to be freedom of expression and causing debates among students and teachers about what types of clothes are appropriate.

Some students dress so openly that other students of the opposite sex ogle at them all day long which distracts from their studies. A teacher at my school states that he had a similar problem with students when he was teaching at a previous school. He finds it ridiculous that some students dressed so openly that others couldn’t help but outright gawk at them. Uniforms will solve this problem and cease all debate. School uniforms are already fitting so students will be dressed appropriately.

Many would argue that uniforms are too expensive for parents to afford. According to the Telegraph, the author states that “Hundreds of thousands of parents are being forced to pay twice for school uniforms” This illustrates that uniforms are too costly for parents to afford and so this is one reason why some may not want uniforms. While this is true, with uniforms there are no competition to dress in the latest trend, and students would not have to worry about peer pressure. Although some might claim that uniforms are expensive, these uniforms will help in the long run, not only in bullying but also costs. Parents will also have no financial pressure on themselves with students wearing one set of clothing for years instead of buying new clothes every few months because of new trends.

In conclusion, students need uniforms so it would diminish bullying, enforce appropriate dress codes, and cause no financial pressure on parents due to costs. Some may think that uniforms are too expensive, but changes in trends will require students to buy products accordingly and so parents will ultimately pay a great deal more because of fashion. As a result, the cost of a couple sets of uniforms will amount to much less than buying new clothes every month. If uniforms aren’t enforced on schools, everyone will suffer the dire consequences because then students will stare permanently at each other and won’t be able to study, teachers will argue indefinitely with students about clothing, and parents will endlessly buy clothes for their children because of new trends. If schools implement uniforms, students can then and only then focus on classwork.