At present , we are witnessing something very sad at almost all the examination halls – ‘copying’. Our parents work hard , earn and spend most of it on our school , studies and tuition classes.

Their aim is to educate us to enable us to gain a good position in the future.Our parents trust us ,they want us to learn and come up in life.Imagine , how one’s parents would feel if they come to know that their child had scored well by copying and not by his/her own effort… My message to all teens: Please do not copy.

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Copying only makes you cheat yourself , your parents and lose your self-confidence. The purpose of examinations itself is to make yourself aware of your weaknesses and correct them , thus , it is clear that there is no point in copying during examinations; What good are we to gain by copying? What’s the point of getting good marks knowing that we’ve copied and that the marks weren’t gained through our hard work? What are we going to lose if we study and prepare for exams? Would it not be better to say you got 50 marks without copying than to think you got 100 marks by copying? In what way is copying going to help you to prove yourself to others? What satisfaction do you get by copying? Would it not make you happy and proud to say, “i didn’t copy” , after an exam? Please stop copying , encourage your friends to refrain from copying too; Try it , it feels really good… Think , not once , not twice , but thrice -WHY COPY???