Why Saint Xavier Highschool Is a Better Highschool Than Trinity

In some people’s opinion, St. X is a better high school than Trinity, but you may ask, why? Why is Saint Xavier a better high school than Trinity? Some people prefer Trinity, because of the housing system, maybe because of the block scheduling, or because nearly 99% of the students that go to Trinity go to college. Although, those are great reasons to go to Trinity, there is a better and more advanced school to go to in Louisville, Kentucky such as St.

Xavier High School due to these three reasons:why St. X doesn’t have block scheduling, sports programs, and th houses. First of all, although Trinity has a block scheduling, which means that the students have 2 days to finish their homework with 4 classes per day. the reason St. X does not, is because students procrastinate and put their homework off to the last minute, and also have twice the amount of homework. Although, at St.

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X, there would be 7 classes per day, with half the amount of homework at Trinity. Second of all, the houses. The houses at Trinity is when the students are seperated into houses, which is when “Trinity places students into smaller communities to increase opportunities for student leadershipwhich.” That may be what they are trying to do, but that may be separating the students, creating rivalries that may be the reason St. X does not have a housing system. Third of all, if you’re looking to play is swimming, tennis, cross country, baseball, golf, soccer, hockey, wrestling, and track, St.

X has better of the sports programs than Trinity. If you, or someone you know, you may want to go to Trinity, but St. X also has other adequate sports programs. If you’re interested in any of the sports programs stated above, then St. X may be the right choice for you but, overall, the sports are close to the same.

Overall, St. Xavier and Trinity are close to the same schools. It depends which school you would prefer, and which school you find best fit for you. St. Xavier, in some people’s opinion, the students there are more respectful, and kind than some students in Trinity.

These are just some of the reasons why St. X may be better than Trinity.