Company: Akio SolutionsCustomer: woonoz.comSubmitted by: Akio SolutionsWoonoz.com has built up its Web offering on a solid premise: “There are plenty of people out there with knowledge that they want to share and make the best use of”.The company set itself the challenge of creating links through which thousands of people could tap the brains of specialists, whether private individuals or professional consultants.

All this as part of a quick, low-cost service!

E-mail management æ at the core of the woonoz.com case study The priority for this dot.com which pays for itself by taking a percentage on each paid transaction via its Web site, has been to attain a high volume of transactions in the shortest possible time. This was why the quality and speed of service offered to its customers had to be flawless. It also explains why AkioTM Mail Center has played a key role. How?

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AkioTM Mail Center, an unrivalled, Web-dedicated cooperative tool

Established in January 2000, woonoz.com does all its business on the Internet.

“At the time, a variety of call center solutions were moving towards the Web and e-mail management, but none of them lived up to our demands in terms of ease-of-use and competitiveness”, recalls Laurence Galligo, International Chief Executive of woonoz.com.In fact, AkioTM Mail Center is still the only solution on the French market that is capable of managing all e-mail correspondence not only between a company and its external contacts, but also in-house.”I now know for a fact that each of our customers gets the feedback they were expecting in the shortest possible time frame”, says Galligo. What’s more, AkioTM Mail Center’s functionalities support a cooperative workflow implementation and ensure complete traceability of all transactions.

Woonoz.com, key facts and figures

This first on-line exchange for European customer consulting sets up connections between thousands of home and professional Web users: these include, on one hand, people who want to ask questions and expect a specific, personal response, quickly and at a low cost; and, on the other, specialists who provide the answers, either free of charge or as a professional service.To date, the company:- Uses over 3,900 experts.- Has 400,000 pages visited per month.- Has a staff of around 25.- Processes between 50 and 80 queries daily, transmitting via woonoz.com between people asking for information and specialists providing answers.- Receives over 100 e-mails daily in the e-mail boxes set up for the customers and partners of woonoz.com (Customer Services, Webmaster, Partnerships, etc.)- Has three Customer Consultants in France.- 20 Customer Consultants will soon be managing the European activity.

How do you keep your cyber-customers satisfied?

The mission of each Customer Consultant at woonoz.com includes answering some thirty e-mails each day. These e-mails are sent by users of the woonoz.com service, either to ask questions or provide expert information, but also come from prospects, journalists, and other sources. All are seeking some specific information or help.”I have lost my login number, what can I do?” – “What has your percentage of transactions been for the past month?” – “I sold three answers last week, when can I expect my account to be credited?” – “My connection went down during the final validation, what should I do?”. Some queries are easy to handle, others are more complex.

However, answer must always be quick and of high quality. This is where AkioTM Mail Center comes in, helping each Customer Consultant to format his or her answer. Artificial intelli-gence and semantic analysis tools are used to make judicious choices from a hundred or so standard answers, selected by degree of relevance. Where necessary, AkioTM Mail Center can transfer the query to another person in the company who can supply extra or more detailed information: a lawyer, an accountant, an engineer, or somebody in the marketing department.The Customer Consultant then simply mails off the results of his or her research to the originator of the e-mail, outside the company. Of course, AkioTM Mail Center stores and keeps track of all this correspondence.

Whoever their e-mail contacts, woonoz.com’s customers can be sure that they will be identified quickly according to their query. Customers who feel that they have been understood are sure to come back for more!

With AkioTM Mail Center, woonoz.com also optimises its internal costs

Convince customers, provide good service, and you will generate loyalty: this is the priority for woonoz.com. But it does not fully explain why AkioTM Mail Center is so effective.

Like all start-ups, woonoz.com must achieve a level of profitability within a very short time. Here, AkioTM Mail Center has a direct impact, lowering the company’s running costs. Its relevance, and ease-of-use can halve e-mail processing times.Today, this saving is computed on the basis of around one hundred queries sent each day to the woonoz.com e-mail boxes (Customer Services, Webmaster, Partnerships, etc.). Soon several hundred answers will be processed daily in a full European implementation.AkioTM Mail Center also has the ability to manage all these mailboxes in a single environment. For a substantial timesaving! “With AkioTM Mail Center, we are able to check response times, and the volume and quality of mail transactions.

This means that we can track our global performance”, emphasises Laurence Galligo.With AkioTM Mail Center, woonoz.com has a tool to match its ambitions. Its Internet focus, quality and rapid response, and ability to gather data on the content and quality of customer service, make it a forward-looking asset that is already primed to handle the transaction volumes of the future.

Woonoz.com and AkioTM Mail Center, tomorrow

Established in April 2000, woonoz.com is currently developing is business throughout Europe in a race against the clock that has been supported by the ultra-fast implementation of Akio Solutions.In fact, AkioTM Mail Center was up and running (including training and initial support), just one month after the purchasing decision was made. In the short term, woonoz.com expects to have some twenty Customer Consultants working in different countries. A centralised database will enable a single, trans-national system to manage hundreds of multilingual e-mails daily.

Akio Solutions has longstanding experience in developing Internet, Intranet and Extranet applications. Akio Solutions is a pioneer in Internet solution development for corporate e-mail management. Companies such as Degriftour, Ibazar, Multimania and Selftrade chose AkioTM Mail Center to derive significant benefit from the customer loyalty possibilities offered by Internet and efficient e-mail management.